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Central Alberta Rentals

Fast and Easy...Your Independent Locally Owned Rental Professionals

Part of the Central Alberta community for over 15 years.

Why rent from us?

There are many reasons people find themselves in need of a rental and we have it covered! From cars to large trucks, short-term to long-term rentals, we are dedicated to making any rental experience positive, convenient and fun! Whether it's for work, a family trip or even camping, we have the vehicle for you!

Rental Requirements

Renting a vehicle from Central Alberta Rentals is easy. There are just a few requirements you need to meet before you are driving away in your temporary set of wheels.

The requirements for renting are:

1. Between the ages of 25 and 70

2. Have a valid driver's license in good standing.

3. Proof of Insurance to cover rental in the case of an accident

4. Provide a major credit card with a $250.00 deposit upon pick up of rental

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